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affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why support local businesses with LocalSpots?

LocalSpots is not-for-profit

It’s free for local businesses to list themselves on LocalSpots.

All your favourite local businesses on one platform

LocalSpots lists businesses that you can purchase a gift card from, so you can find and support all your favourite local businesses from a single searchable directory.

COVID-19 pandemic is devastating Australian small businesses

Lock-downs, restrictions on indoor gatherings and declining customer numbers have left many small businesses struggling to maintain already narrow profit margins.

Small businesses are an integral part of our community and economy

There are 4.7 million Australians employed by small businesses every year.

Gift cards help small businesses cover fixed costs

Pre-purchasing gift cards gives businesses a boost of cash flow to cover fixed costs (think rent, bills and employee wages) until the pandemic is over.

Online gift cards let you help from home

You can purchase LocalSpots gift cards to your local businesses when you’re at home practicing social distancing.

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